When you are in charge of PR, you are the public figure. the evaluation of your company depends on how you engage with the media, allocated time, tempo, strategy, angle and the viewers.

Whether we are talking about a critical interview or free advertising, it is your job to know exactly what to do – and to rehearse it before you have to perform.

The camera is like a magnifying glass and there is never enough time, so in order to make it look easy as pie, like a line dancer, you must consider each and every scenario that your company may find itself in.

this course is tailored to you and your specific conditions. Skilled and experienced professionals will train and challenge you, and this will enable you think about strategy rather than disaster prevention.


  • solo sessions upon request.
  • 4-6 participants will be trained by a journalist, an actor and a camera man: 80.000 dkk ex. VAT.