Participants will engage in face-to-face conversations with actors, simulating real workplace interactions. They can try new approaches, rehearse new strategies, and put theory into practice in a supportive and safe environment. Interview training will help you:

  • Change your style of leadership
  • Improve your chances at a job interview
  • Negotiate a better wage
  • Significantly reduce the anxiety and stress preceding a difficult conversation/talk

The training sessions are always tailored to each participant. The professional actor and the highly skilled consultant know exactly how challenging the sessions need to be. Participants will not be allowed to desist from the challenges facing them, and they will get clarification in terms of which habits work.


  • 2 hours one on one: 3.000 DKK ex. VAT
  • 1 day with both an actor and a consultant: 25.000 DKK ex. VAT.