Presentation technique in solo sessions enables you to:

  • Spellbind your audience
  • Give difficult information a soft landing
  • Position yourself by way of communication
  • Rid yourself of nervousness before, during or even after a presentation

I tailor all sessions to each individual, because no two individuals communicate in the same manner, and because your challenges are yours alone.

It is my job to match your presentation with your professionalism and bring you to where you can inspire others and get your message across while feeling at ease.


  • 1 hour one on one: 3.000 dkk. ex. VAT.


You will get personalised, highly usable and, effective training as well as concrete feedback, which will enable you to adapt your presentations straight away.

You will learn how to use your body and voice, tempo as well as energy to ensure that your message comes through loud and clear, and it will also put you in charge of how your audience perceives you.

Watching the other participants will allow you to reflect on your own presentation. you can ‘steal’ whatever works, and you will get confirmation of what does and does not work – as well as why.


  • 1 day, 4 – 6 participants: 18.000 dkk. ex. VAT.
  • 2 days, 4 – 6 participants: 28.000 dkk. ex. VAT.